AA This Evening

So, I went to play some AA as I was hoping Stephan would be there, but we didn’t hook up. At any rate, we were kicking butt when I got thrown out by a system error, so I am estimating what the last 3 games were (I know they were wins, but I don’t know what my stats were exactly)… but we went 16-1 (won the last 10) and I had 31 kills while dying 3 times.

The unbelievable thing was that right after we go 7-0 (and 13-1), one guy starts cursing and saying how he needs kills and him and another guy start arguing. I told them that it was dumb. Here we are, just crushing everyone and this guy is concerned with kills and fragrate. Bah.

Patrick O'Keefe

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Stephan Segraves

about 17 years ago

Yeah, I was on and for some reason my ping was something ungodly so I had to leave. Don't worry, we'll go head to head ;-)



about 17 years ago

I want to play with you, not against you. :)


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