January 2005 Posts

Jim Abbott

ESPN.com’s Bill Simmons:

I’m not sure how someone with an 87-108 career record gets on the ballot, even if they are missing a hand. Then I remembered something. During Abbott’s final season, he played for the Brewers and ended up batting 21 times. But here’s the astounding thing: He had two singles and drove in three runs. The guy has one hand! Imagine being a major league pitcher and giving up a single to Jim Abbott? I would have immediately retired and travelled the earth like Ricky Williams. Anyway, I think those two hits, as well as the no-hitter at Yankee Stadium, and the fact that he was a decent major league pitcher for a few years, warranted Abbott’s place on the ballot. But that’s it.


Creative Nomad Zen Xtra 60 GB MP3 Jukebox

I’m thinking of getting this.

Thoughts, folks?

Welker the QB

Welker the QB:

Wes Welker returned a kickoff for a touchdown and was ready for quarterback duty if necessary. In a week when A.J. Feeley was out with an injury and Jason Garrett was the backup, Welker would be pressed into service had Sage Rosenfels and Garrett been injured.

”He’s the man,” Rosenfels said of Welker.

“If I’m coaching 20 years from now and he wants to be on my team, he can be on it. He does it all.”

:) He is the man. Bring Wes back.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim?!?!?

Good gracious, there’s a mouthful.

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She Blocked Me

Flash Cartoon: She Blocked Me.

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Dolphins Season Over

Well, the Dolphins season is over with their 30-23 loss to the Ravens. They played a hard fought game, highlighted by some big plays. Wes Welker returned a kickoff 95 yards for a touchdown. The first play from scrimmage was a 76 yard touchdown pass from Sage Rosenfels to Chris Chambers.

Looking back at this season, the worst that the Dolphins have had in my lifetime and the 3rd worst in franchise history with a record of 4-12, I have to say… these guys weren’t THAT bad. I mean, yeah, they were 4-12 and that’s bad, but let’s look at the scores of these games.

The 4 teams they beat were the Rams (8-8), 49ers (2-14), Patriots (14-2) and Browns (4-12). Out of the 12 games they lost, they only lost 5 of them by more than one score. And only 1 of those other 7 was by more than 2 scores. 3 of the losses were decided by a field goal or less. So, we got blown out 1 time, really. That’s really not that bad. A lot of close games. I watched them all. No fair weathered fan here.

This will be the first NFL draft that I have watched that my team will have a high pick in.

Adam Polselli’s 2005 Color Forecast

Adam Polselli’s 2005 Color Forecast.

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5 Years Ago Today

5 years ago today I registered my first domain name at Register Solutions.

$70 for 2 years.