January 2005 Posts

How did I ever do as much as I do now on dialup?

It boggles the mind.

I love you, high speed. Truly and dearly.

Moss on the Dolphins

Dan Le Batard writes:

You know what I do if I’m Nick Saban?

I push my roster toward the Minnesota Vikings.

And I tell them to take any two Dolphins they want in exchange for Randy Moss.

Best offensive player (Chris Chambers) and best defensive player (Patrick Surtain)?

Sure, no problem.

Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor?

Here you go.

And if the Vikings want any one of those players and the No. 2 overall pick in the flimsy upcoming draft, I give them that, too.

I’m not all that convinced. Although, it is certainly interesting. I don’t care for Moss’ attutude. So, that’s the first thing. But, I might be able to get over that. However, I don’t want to give up Chambers and Surtain for him. I don’t want to give up Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor for him. I don’t want to give up the number 2 pick for him. But, if the opportunity was right… who knows.

Via Pro Sports Daily.

Support for Larry Mahnken

From Mr. Mahnken’s blog:

My apartment burned down at about 2am this morning. I’m currently homeless.

So, obviously, I’ll be out of comission for the forseeable future.

Very unfortunate. He has a PayPal button at the top left of his blog, so if you’re a reader/know of him, this would be a good time to do it. I will be (PayPal is being a bit funky for me right now, so if I don’t do it now, I’ll be doing it soon). Every little bit will mean something.


Big Contract Could Mean Clemens Ends Up in New York or Boston?

Just caught an interesting piece by Joel Sherman of the New York Post:

THERE are certain signs that you have been at one job too long. Here’s mine: Roger Clemens signs a pitchers’ record $18 million contract yesterday with the Astros and the first thought is not “Good for him,” or “Good for Houston,” or even “Wow.” The first thought is a contract like that means Roger Clemens is going to end the 2005 season as either a Yankee or a Red Sox.

A more serious consideration of a new job would have been necessary, except an AL executive said this yesterday: “If the Astros are a non-contender in July, I would put it at 80 percent that Clemens would be a Yankee or a Red Sox. The reality is those are the only two places he would consider going.”

Seems like just something fun to talk about, at this point, but I sure wouldn’t mind it, assuming the price was right.

Kurkjian: Jeter’s the Best Baserunner

Tim Kurkjian say’s he’s the best.

-1 Degrees

-1 degrees right now. Nice.

EA Strikes Again!

Updating EA’s previous brilliance, they have secured an exclusive 15 year agreement with ESPN that gives it the right to use the “network’s brand and to develop new games based on ESPN properties.”

Not as big as the NFL move, but still pretty nice – another great move.

Via Jared via Slashdot.

Man Finds Nail in Skull Six Days Later


A dentist found the source of the toothache Patrick Lawler was complaining about on the roof of his mouth: a four-inch nail the construction worker had unknowingly embedded in his skull six days earlier.

A nail gun backfired on Lawler, 23, on Jan. 6 while working in Breckenridge, a ski resort town in the central Colorado mountains. The tool sent a nail into a piece of wood nearby, but Lawler didn’t realize a second nail had shot through his mouth, said his sister, Lisa Metcalse.

Via Lone Star Times.


Well, Stephan had said that I should post some pictures… so, I took a few quick pictures of some random things.

My Bookcase. Plenty of good books… my Strongbad DVD set is the most right hand thing on the middle shelf, if you look hard. Mase autographed CD is up there, for the moment, with the ever present stuffed frog…

My Desk. Where it all happens. I’m sitting here right now! As you can see, we have all of the stuff I posted about buying here in the past. Also, my rarely used PDA (Tungsten T3), my MP3 player, remotes to the TV and stereo, a regular calculator (I just prefer using it – quicker) and, of course, my iFroggy.com mousepad! Oh and my lamp, which I like. My PC’s desktop is a wee bit cluttered, as you can see… but the rest of my PC is very organized. I’ll be cleaning up the desktop soon. And I don’t know what that spot on the wall is because it isn’t there in real life. Some reflected light or something.

My Laptop. Compaq Presario V2000. NetGear wireless PC card plugged in.

My New MP3 Player. Turned on with the backlight on – yes, that is my thumb. Also, a picture of it in it’s case.

My TV/TV Stand. The TV is a few months old, but the stand was bought under a week ago. Took me a while to find something that I liked. Like it a lot. Yes, those are my Homestar figurines. The wooden thing is a wooden frog. Also, you can see half of my CD collection to the right.

Finally, our cats. Yin and Yang. Actually, Digit and Polar.

So… yeah. There’s some pictures. ;)

“Cano, Cruz, Sojo posting solid numbers at the plate” … Sojo?!

Yeah, that’s right, Luis Sojo is playing again. In the Winter Leagues, of course, at the age of 40. According to the article, he’s hitting .333 (7 for 21) with one home run for the Lara Cardinals, who are 1-6 in the round-robin postseason.