November 2004 Posts

America’s Army Thoughts

I have shot people on my own team. I have killed people on my own team. Last night I did it 3 times in about an hour. It is embarassing, I said I was sorry and I need to work on more restraint (when people aren’t radioing it and someone turns a sharp corner right in front of me, it is an understandable reaction), but I am not a “TKer”. I didn’t even know what that was until last night. Stands for Team Killing. I know these folks don’t know me, but it is so annoying when you get on a server loaded with jerks and people just like to throw harsh words around. I killed this one guy and instantly he starts screaming that I should be kicked and blah blah blah. Such a pain.

I have died 3,905,692 times. In real life, they only get 1. They have to be and are that good.

Bates Names A.J. Feeley Starter

Good call. No harm. May as well get him in there and let him get some work so we can make a more informed decision next year.

America’s Army

The day before yesterday, I started playing America’s Army. It is a free game by the DoD. Anyone else play it?

Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to all of the veterans out there, including those currently in action. Thank you for your service.

SitePoint Forums Awards Over

The SitePoint Forums Awards have ended.

Two people that I voted for ended up winning. :)

Congrats to everyone.

Turnkey Sites

Chrispian posted a passionate entry about turnkey sites and the like.

It goes right back to what I was saying about AWS sites.

AL Cy Young Award

The American League Cy Young Award winner will be announced in a couple of hours. Fingers crossed for Mo!

Clemens Wins 7th Cy Young

Roger Clemens has won his 7th Cy Young. Congrats Rocket. What a freaking career. It keeps getting better.

Oh yeah… don’t ever compare Pedro Martinez to Roger Clemens.

strongbad_email.exe: the first hundred strong bad emails

The Strong Bad Email DVD is out!

* A handsome boxed set containing three full DVD’s featuring the first one hundred Strong Bad e-mails, with all of the hidden scenes and other easter eggs intact!!

* Special features include three previously unreleased Strong Bad E-Mails!

* Also, hidden character and creator commentary!! Have fun trying to find ’em!!

* Four Karaoke Videos!!

* Over an hour of never-before-seen puppet stuff, behind the scenes action and other hilarious antics!!

I have ordered it!

Dave Wannstedt Resigns

Well, Dave Wannstedt has resigned. I am listening to the press conference right now (live since it started) and it was bound to happen, I think. At the end of the season, if not now. Dave Wannstedt doesn’t seem like a bad guy, the players seem to like him and I appreciate his efforts.

But, it was something that was going to happen and it will be interesting to watch how this develops and who ends up as the Dolphins head coach after this year (Jim Bates has been named interim head coach).