October 2004 Posts

JKRowling.com Easter Eggs/Cheats/Site Info

Since I get some traffic from people looking for this info, I thought I’d put an entry up to help these folks.

Check out MuggleNet.com’s JKRowling.com Site Info page for all info on secrets, etc.

Timeline of the Wizarding World

The Harry Potter Lexicon has produced an awesome timeline of the Harry Potter universe.

Via MuggleNet.com.

Top Earning Dead Celebrities

Forbes has now published a list of the top 10 dead celebrities by earnings.

They are:

1. Elvis Presley
2. Charles Schulz
3. J.R.R. Tolkien
4. John Lennon
5. Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel
6. Marilyn Monroe
7. George Harrison
8. Irving Berlin
9. Bob Marley
10. Richard Rogers

Red Sox = “Yankees, Jr.”

Earlier today, I read a fantastic article about the Red Sox and how they were able to win a World Series championship. It is written by Jacob Luft of SI.com.

The Red Sox have the largest payroll — $120 million — of any team ever to win a World Series. If you ever have accused a team of buying a championship, then that same charge has to apply to these Red Sox as well. With that much to spend, the surprise should be if they don’t win a championship or at least come close every year.

Torre’s champions, while highly compensated, also had more than a few homegrown players on them. Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera, Bernie Williams and Andy Pettitte were drafted and developed by Evil Empire, Inc.

How many among the Red Sox regulars can be considered “homegrown?” Trot Nixon and, if you want to count him, rookie Kevin Youkilis (two at-bats this postseason).

Top Earning Fictional Characters

I have been meaning to blog this for a while, but I keep forgetting.

Forbes published a list of the top 10 fictional characters by earnings. The ten?

1. Mickey Mouse & Friends
2. Winnie the Pooh & Friends
3. Frodo Baggins, The Lord of the Rings
4. Harry Potter
5. Nemo, Finding Nemo
6. Yu-Gi-Oh
7. SpongeBob SquarePants
8. Spider-Man
9. Wolverine, X-Men
10. Pikachu, Pokémon

Plus five near misses:

Homer Simpson, The Simpsons
Dora the Explorer
The Hulk
Red Ranger, Power Rangers
Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story

Kerry’s Baseball Exploits

An interesting piece by John Kass of the Chicago Tribune.

Lately he’s been seen purchasing a hunting license with a Hollywood Hillbilly accent, shooting guns, throwing balls and drinking beer, all in manly fashion.

He already has proved he’s a Red Sox fan, like the time last summer when he applauded the great “Manny Ortiz.”

Unfortunately for Kerry, there is no Manny Ortiz on the ballclub. The Red Sox do have a David Ortiz and a Manny Ramirez, though.

If they do win, will Kerry be tempted to talk about his great personal moments of Red Sox history?

“My favorite Red Sox player of all time is `The Walking Man,’ Eddie Yost,” he told baseball reporters a while back.

Yet as Boston baseball writer Peter Gammons pointed out, Eddie Yost never played for the Red Sox. He played for the old Washington Senators.


Via Lone Star Times.

“”I intimidated them with my car,” Seltzer told police. “I was exercising my political expression.”

There was a man arrested of trying to run down Florida Rep. Katharine Harris on Wednesday. He offered up a choice line.

“”I intimidated them with my car,” Seltzer told police. “I was exercising my political expression.”

Via Lone Star Times through Slings and Arrows.

“I proved a lot of people wrong. I did it. I’m the champ.”

Yeah, you are the champ, Manny. You sure did it. You, you, you. You’re GREAT defense in left took away many a run this postseason. (Oh, wait, I made that up.)

May the Yankee Pinstripes never touch your skin.

Sign Steve Kline

I am the first person that I have know to say this (not here, but online elsewhere): Sign Steve Kline!

He’s a lefty – look at his numbers. He pitches very well against lefties and not so bad against righties. This is a guy we need. Sign him.

Happy Birthday, Adam!

Adam has turned 18. Welcome to adulthood, my friend. ;)