September 2004 Posts

Pedro the Yankee?

I just read a news account (for what it is worth) that Steinbrenner wants Pedro. This makes me revisit a previous post and make me contemplate writing an open letter to Mr. Steinbrenner asking him not to sign Pedro.

I’m not the letter writing kind – but Pedro in pinstripes would be devastating, in my opinion, to a lot of things. To fans, to chemistry, to the franchise. He has time and time again proved to be an immature, selfish individual and I can’t see myself ever rooting for him – short of a public apology for the past.

So, what do you say? Any other Yankees fans out there that would want to help write or sign the letter?

Will Mo break the single season saves record?

Derek Jacques throws the idea out there again. It has been resonating in my head on and off for a while now.

Would it be awesome? Yeah.

Would it be smart? Maybe not.

Torre will probably make the right call though. If Mariano can avoid 2 inning saves, get some breaks – he may just do it.

Funny Quote

Over at RLYW, two guys are having an informal discussion about the Yankees postseason roster. A good article by itself, this funny quote was worth sharing:

What happens if Captain Dreamboat hurls himself in front of a vehicle to save a box of kittens?


Interview with Buster Olney

Alex has posted an interesting interview with Buster Olney. Some cool tidbits in there for Yankees fans.


As you may have heard, the Yankees got trounced by the Indians – 22-0. Ouch. But, Steve Bonner puts it in perspective.

It reminds me of game 1 of the 1996 World Series.


Whew… I’m back, ladies and gentleman. Lots of things going on, lots of catching up to do, lots of work to do… but, I’m back.