September 2004 Posts


Chrispian and Brandon are blogging again!

Welcome back, fellas. Keep it going. :)

Jimmy on Ricky

Former Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson (who I’m not big one – he’s alright) weighed in on Ricky Williams on Fox’s NFL pregame show:

“He wrecked the Dolphins,” Johnson said. “If you want to walk away from the game and go smoke dope in Asia, fine. But don’t do it a week before the season.

“The other thing is he considered coming back for more money. That told me a little bit about this guy. Down the road, Ricky is going to be broke and will want to come back to play. Now I’m a liberal coach, but I wouldn’t touch this bum because he doesn’t have any passion for the game.”

It is ordered.

Whew… good bye $1,500.00!

HP Pavilion a750y customized PC
– Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Professional with SP2
– Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 520 w/HT Technology (2.8GHz)
– 1 GB DDR / PC3200 (2 DIMM)
– FREE UPGRADE from 200 to 250GB 7200 rpm SATA drive
– FREE UPGRADE from CD-ROM to 48x max CD-RW Drive
– 16x max DVD-ROM Drive + Intervideo WinDVD Software
– 3 USB 2.0, 1 Firewire, 9-in-1 card reader + WinDVD
– 256MB DDR ATI Radeon X600 Pro with TV-Out and DVI
– Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS with front audio ports
– Altec-Lansing VS3151 5.1 Speakers
– HP Internet Keyboard, HP Optical Mouse
– Microsoft(R) Works Suite 2004 includes Word 2002


Well, today… I bought a plastic file holder, a chairmat for the floor, a light, a chair, a desk, a wireless router with PC card, a USB adapter for it, set up an appointment with Comcast to get Cable Internet and basic cable…

Next… maybe tonight – the biggest bill yet: my new PC (and first PC all to myself).

Sometime this month or next, I might also be buying a TV (like 27 inches) and maybe a bookcase, if I decide I need one.

I will spend more money in 30 days than I have in most of my life.

Maybe I’ll post a picture when it’s all settled. I can’t wait.

Good bye, money…


Derek Jacques posted his list of stupid questions.

I liked:

What would Yankee haters do if the organization were responsible for something important, like finding a cure for cancer? They’d bitch about it, obviously, but how would they bitch about something as benevolent as a cure for cancer? “The Jimmy Fund could have discovered a cure for cancer if only we had a salary cap”?


Dolphins get Gordon

The Dolphins picked up Lamar Gordon. This is good news. He seems like he could be a good fit, from what I know. I’m reading newspapers and things and its harsh to see the Dolphins predicted as like 4th in the division… wow. I really don’t think we’re that bad. We’ll see, I guess.

Oh, yeah… the Yankees Rotation

Larry Mahnken reminded me to write an entry about the state of the Yankees rotation for the postseason. But, he did such a good job and reflects my opinion so well, that I’ll just defer to him:

People are talking about the Yankees’ remaining postseason rotation as if it’s the worst ever assembled. Mike Mussina and Javier Vazquez haven’t pitched well this year, but they’re not bad pitchers. They do have the ability to dominate, they’ve done it for several years in the past. They can do it in the postseason. Will they? I don’t know, but they very well could, so don’t tear your hair out over it. I have much more confidence in a Duque/Moose/Vazquez/Lieber postseason rotation than most people. They don’t need to be great, they just need to be good enough, and that they can be.

GMail Invites

I’ve got some sitting in my box. If you don’t have a GMail account, I’d be glad to send you an invite.

While supplies last. :)

Don’t Trade Javy

From Joel Sherman at the New York Post:

Javier Vazquez has age on his side, but ponder this: Which starter during the Joe Torre Era has immediately become the target of fans, media and organizational doubt and recovered to make it work here? Jose Contreras, Hideki Irabu, Denny Neagle, Kenny Rogers and Jeff Weaver arrived in their primes and none survived the emotional quicksand that comes with failing quickly in pinstripes.

Neagle left as a free agent after half a season, but the Yanks diminished all the others’ trade value by holding them too long in blind hope of improvement. Maybe they shouldn’t be that stubborn with Vazquez and fill needs by dealing his three years at $34.5 million while he is still an asset.

An AL executive suggested two places: 1. Baltimore for a package built around the best lefty set-up man in the majors, B.J. Ryan (Orioles executive VP Jim Beattie was Expo GM from 1995-2001, when Vazquez was developed and emerged there). 2. Anaheim needs rotation help, has pursued Latin stars under new owner Arte Moreno and can offer Scott Shields’ durable, power bullpen arm and Darin Erstad’s team-oriented enthusiasm and defense at either first or center (should the Yanks not sign Carlos Beltran).

He has been good (10-5 with a 3.56 before the all-star break) and I believe it would be a mistake to give up on the guy right now. With older guys like Brown, Lieber, Mussina and El Duque in our rotation – Vazquez is worth more than his numbers. I don’t even know why we are talking about it at all.

Brown Punches Wall

He punched a wall in frustration and broke his hand. He’ll need surgery, he’ll be out at least three weeks. We’ll see about the postseason.

Although I can understand the frustration, it was a stupid thing to do and it will hurt us because we were counting on him. That said, I’m not going to go as harshly as Alex did. Although I understand his feelings. It is frustrating.

No one wants to put their teammates in a tough spot and if he’s still out there – I believe he wants to pitch. It was a mistake, a stupid mistake and he’s paying for it. Worse than any fine is the embarassment and failing of responsibility to your teammates.

I’d like to see him back and maybe he’ll be motivated by those feelings I mentioned a second ago. I think it would be a mistake to cut him loose knowing what I know right now.