September 2004 Posts

Braces Free!

Congratulations Tammy! ;)

Posting and You…

Funny Flash animation about forum posting.

Via Common Craft through Dan Gillmor.

Yankees Bits

Man, what a great pair of games. 14 runs in 6 innings of Pedro (8 in 5) and Lowe (6 in 1). Moose holds his own vs. Pedro. Leiber pitched great as well. Nice job, guys.

Jeter’s batting average is at .290! Awesome.

Read great pieces by Larry Mahnken and John Donovan of


Derek Jeter’s Career Number of Postseason Games Played


The Red Sox Franchise Postseason Games Played from 1904 – 2003



99 – 98 = 1


Another Day, Another Blacked Out Yankees/Red Sox Game

Well, here we are… same as Friday… the Yankees/Red Sox nationally televised ESPN game that I was looking forward to is blacked out. It stinks. I didn’t even know that ESPN games could be blacked out, but apparently they can and it has been a reality as I try to watch my first baseball games in my new residence of West Springfield, Mass.

So, I’m relegated to Gameday – which, if not for me expecting to watch it on TV, is really pretty good – for the moment.

MLB Roundtable at MLB Center Forums

I was invited to participate in a roundtable of other sports bloggers, webmasters, etc. at MLB Center.

You can keep tabs on it here.

The Grand Delusion

I have been thinking about this entry for awhile. I was reminded of it by a related entry by Chris.

I run some successful Internet communities. I have been doing this for years now and I think I am pretty good at it. It’s all about making fair decisions, standing your ground and dealing with people.

I have to ban users. Sometimes. I give people a chance – usually, many of them. It all depends on the severity of the violation. All of my communities have User Guidelines. When someone violates these, we warn them. If they do it again, we warn them. Maybe several more times, if the violations are not terribly offensive or spread out over a span of time.

It is not uncommon for someone to be banned after disagreeing with a policy of mine. This is where The Grand Delusion comes in. The people who get banned under these circumstances are the people who don’t know how to handle themselves, how to speak respectfully and not get personal. They disagree with my policy, but they take it to another level – they get personally nasty, disrespectful and they are out of line.

If they do it enough and they go far enough out of line – they are banned. When they get banned, most of them have a similar thought process. “Patrick banned me because I disagreed with him” or “Patrick wanted to silence my disagreement”.

This is so far from the truth. I don’t care if people disagree with me. That has nothing to do with it. If you are nasty and disrespectful without regard to our User Guidelines, staff or users – you will be banned. If you are nasty and disrespectful without regard to our User Guidelines, staff or users AND you disagree with me – you will be banned. I don’t distinguish. It is not if you disagree, it is how you disagree.

If someone believes that I banned them because they disagreed with me, they are deluded – this is The Grand Delusion.

Cable Internet is a Dream

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! This is nuts! I am gonna have so much extra time to work on things when I get settled in.

I will close with… let’s go Yankees.

How many Rangers are 6-5?

Maybe you’ve heard of the little incident during the A’s and Rangers game a couple days ago. I’m not gonna talk about that too much. They may have been out of line (the fans), but you don’t go into the stands – you tell someone and the fan shuts it/is removed. You just do not go into the stands.

What I wanted to talk about was the fact that first, the man said that these guys are 6-5, these are big guys, etc. Then, guess what… the woman says the same thing. These guys are 6’5”, these are big guys. I am wondering… how many of the Rangers are 6-5 or taller? Before I checked, I guessed 3.

My research shows that 3 are. (Good guess! :)) They are Doug Brocail (6-5), Jeff Nelson (6-8) and Chris Young (6-10).

My Monitor

I bought a ViewSonic A91f+.

Got my desk set up today. Waiting for the wireless router…