August 2004 Posts

Giambi: Get Well Soon

A few days back, we found out that Jason Giambi has a benign tumor. I hope that it all goes well with his treatment and he’s back to feeling well and playing baseball again soon.

Ricky Williams: Raiders?

I Love Cali.”

If he wants to do that, see you later. Really, after all of the stuff I have been hearing related to drugs, I don’t really want him anyway.

Wow. Bad.

I was just visiting BR to get a list of all time saves leaders and I notice that Sports Mogul has purchased an ad that reads:

Baseball Mogul 2005

MarketPlace Ad
Can the Yankees buy another World Championship? Find out for yourself with Baseball Mogul 2005:
The world’s best franchise simulator
Computer Gaming World “Sports Game of the Year”
Only $19.95

Wow. Bad. People who make statements like that really don’t understand baseball, in my opinion and I am surprised (disappointed) that Sports Mogul would engage in such ad methods. I am a loyal user of their products (I own Baseball Mogul 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004). I will probably buy 2005 – but seeing that ad sours them a bit in my eyes. Disappointing.

New Designs Abound

Jeremy and Gavin have both launched new designs. Check them out.