July 2004 Posts

SitePoint Forums Turns 5

The SitePoint Forums (where I serve as an Advisor) have turned 5 years old. :) Congrats to all of the folks that had a hand in making it the best web development related discussion community that I currently know about.

I have been a member for exactly 3 years, 9 months and 14 days of those 5 years!

Yankees do well at All Star Game

I caught most of the All Star Game. The Yanks did well.

Jeter went 3 for 3, making himself the most successful hitter in All Star Game history. Jeter just does so much. An entry for another day (probably a school of the obvious one, as well).

A-Rod was 1 for 3 with a 2 out RBI, Giambi went 1 for 2 with a run, Matsui and Sheff were both 0 for 1.

Javy pitched a 1-2-3 inning (I think), striking out 2. Flash retired the only man he faced. Mo mowed down Helton, Wilson and Thome to finish the game.

Former Yankee Alfonso Soriano was named MVP.

phpBB 2.0.9

phpBB 2.0.9 was released on Monday.

It was fantastic timing for me personally as I had time to do the upgrades. I had 8 phpBBs to upgrade (6 of which are hacked) and it is all done.

Anyone who runs phpBB should upgrade.

Spider-man 2 Long Trailer Thanks to AOL

We got the AOL CD with the Spider-man 2 long (nearly 3 minutes) trailer and I have to say… I want to see it even more now. That trailer was awesome. Argh… I can’t wait!

The Cat in the Hat

I saw the movie, The Cat in the Hat, last night. It was better than I would thought it would be. Soem iffy stuff, but overall… it was enjoyable.

Duque’s Back

Well, yes, it is sentimental me rooting for one of my favorites, but El Duque pitched well today in his first appearance since 2002. 5 IP, 2 ER, 5 K and the win. Awesome to see him back.

El Duque to pitch on Sunday?

My friend Seamus directed me to ESPN.com where there is a report that there is a strong possibility that El Duque, Orlando Hernandez may start on Sunday versus the Devil Rays. This would be his first appearance in the majors since 2002 with the Yankees.

I felt he never should have left. After the 2002 season, he was dealt to Montreal. I was sad to see him go. After failing to pitch a game for them, he made his way back to the Bronx. I was happy to have him back.

Duque was clutch. Clutch clutch. 10-2 with 2.51 ERA in the postseason in 16 games (13 starts) clutch. Even in 2002, his last year with the Yankees, when we lost the division series to eventual champion Anaheim – he was 2-0 with a 2.84 ERA. He won both games we won.

I’m excited to see how he does. Could he turn it on? Make a run at comeback player of the year? A far fetched dream for sure, but I’m happy to see him so close to being out there again.

MLB All Star Game Commercial

The one with the Blues Brothersesque cars with players from a given team in them. It’s very funny. Jeter, A-Rod, Giambi, Sheffield, Matsui in the Yankees car. Good stuff.

A Noble Calling

I just got an e-mail.

Subject: Become an CELLPHONE SPAMMER

Everyone knows response rates for email
spam have gone downhill tremendously
over the past two years. It’s no surprise …
after all, we’ve been bombarding people
with ads for everything from -removed-
pills to mortgages almost since the day the
Web was invented.

But cellphones are a different story. Very few
people know how to mass broadcast text messages.

But I do. I’ve been doing it for six months now,
and the response rate is HUGE. If I send a hundred
thousand messages, I’ll pull 20 good mortgage leads
easily. And it’s not hard to send a few million
text messages a day. Remember, cellphone carriers
ARE NOT ISPS. They don’t know anything about filters!
They have a few filters, sure, but they are weak
and ineffective.

Bottom line … I am getting sued by two major
carriers and must get out of the business. I am willing
to pass on the torch to 3 people only. I will
give you everything you need to start mass
mailing text messages instantly. Here is what
I will provide you:

** List of over 10,000,000 cellphone numbers
** Script that will autogenerate ALL the possible
cellphone numbers of every major carrier in the US
** Cellphone carrier exchanges (For example, to
send a message to sprint phone, you need the 10 digit
number plus the “@” sign, plus the carrier exchange
at the end, something like 5169023314@sprint.text.com)
** My personal advice and instruction on how to
mass broadcast SMS, tips on the various filters,
and technical support

NOTE: I am not going to hold your hand and walk you
through the process of sending emails. If you are
NOT an experienced bulker already, do not buy this
package. I am only offering this to EXPERIENCED
EMAIL MARKETERS who know how to send email. The type
of support I will provide is information on the filters
that I have discovered during my six months of SMS
mailing. Also, I will discuss the methods I used
to send the mail, but your own methods should work
fine too. If you can send an email, you can send a
text message.


Price for this package is $1,000. I require
half up front, half upon delivery of the
package and three days of support.

Contact me at -removed- if interested.

I am not a ripoff. Upon request, I can fax you a
copy of the 74 page lawsuit against me by Verizon.
I have been a bulker since 1996 and focused entirely
on text messaging for the past six months.

Once again, contact me at -removed-
for more info.


Eddy M.

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