July 2004 Posts

Quote of the Moment

You are 100% correct. When it comes to beating up 90 year olds, and attacking a player wearing full body armor, you guys got it down.

RhodeyYankee2638 of NYYFans.com (at which I am not a member)


Lee LeFever reminded me of how much I love ieSpell. It is an awesome tool. When I’m updating the phpBBHacks.com database, it allows me to run a quick spell check through any description I want – it is so handy. I use it all the time when I am posting to various forums, even this blog!

(I don’t remember to use it every time, nor do I try to – only when I think I may have misspelled a word/want to double check. I make mistakes like everyone!)

Check it out.

David Ortiz gets 5 games

I thought he should have gotten more. I mean, he got the same as the guy who hit a hitter after a guy hit a home run. Although bad, that’s in the course of the game. Throwing bats from your our dugout at (or “in the direction of” if you want to give him credit) umpires isn’t, I’d say.

El Duque rocking

It’s great to see El Duque rocking. Today he had his best start since returning. 3 starts so far – but in the first two he went 2-0 where he got a no decision today. He went 7 strong, allowing just 4 hits and striking out 10.

The Blue Jays pitching was also fantastic, though, and both teams were scoreless up until the bottom of the ninth with two outs when Ruben sends one deep.

The only previous 1-0 win on a game-ending homer for New York was accomplished by Joe Pepitone with leadoff shot in the ninth against the California Angels’ Hoyt Wilhelm on May 18, 1969, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. In addition, Tommy Henrich did it against Brooklyn’s Don Newcombe leading off the ninth inning of the 1949 World Series opener.

It’s funny…

It’s funny when one of your own websites comes up for a search on something you were looking for that is completely unrelated.

I was looking for something yesterday and on the first page… phpBBHacks.com. :)

The Latest from Homestar Runner

I always recommend Homestar Runner, so here we go again!

Check out the Peasant’s Quest Trailer. Be sure to click up around the right corner of the black space for a funny easter egg bit. Tech people should enjoy this cartoon.

The latest Strong Bad E-Mail is hilarious as is the Experimental Film video (click on the director names for a hidden commentary!)

Jeter most respected AL player at the All Star Game

Gammons says that they polled players for both sides and the guys on each side that were named the most were Scott Rolen and Derek Jeter.

Also, if you scroll down a bit… could the other Booney (Mariners second baseman, Bret Boone) end up a Yankee? That would be cool. And he just hit a walk off grand slam against the Red Sox. Crazy.

Link via Alex.

“Girlie-Men” is not offensive

I guess Arnold Schwarzenegger referred to some legislators as “girlie-men”. I found it a little funny. It’s not offensive. Anyone with common sense knows what he meant. I’ve even used (jokingly – obviously) the term before, although only a few times and not for quite a while, actually. Don’t find many uses for it. ;)

phpBB 2.0.10 Released

Well… phpBB 2.0.10 was released on Saturday.

All phpBBs that I am responsible for have been upgraded. 8 changes in all. Anyone who runs phpBB should go ahead and apply them.

The Magic Quill

An interesting feature at MuggleNet.com for Harry Potter fans. I have been keeping up with it for a while, but only thought now to blog about it.