July 2004 Posts

Google Search: Hacks

This is pretty cool. I have known about it for a while, but haven’t blogged about it.

Check out the Google search for the word “Hacks”.

As I write, phpBBHacks.com (my site) is rated 5th. I think this is a pretty cool keyword. We’re right below a Google hacks site and right above an iPod hacks site. Also on the list: O’Reilly’s hacks.oreilly.com.

Us and O’Reilly… making hack a positive term. ;)

What did I say? “What was said, from my half, was simply a rebut and a reply,” Rodriguez said. “What was said under the mask was a lot greater.”

Finally, A-Rod says what I thought happened. A-Rod didn’t start anything and he’ll rightfully appeal any suspension that he is given.

New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez plans to appeal any suspension he might receive for his role in Saturday’s brawl with the Boston Red Sox.

“Whatever it is I’m going to appeal it,” Rodriguez said Monday. “When somebody attacks you have to protect yourself.”

Rodriguez said Varitek started the fight.

“What was said, from my half, was simply a rebut and a reply,” Rodriguez said. “What was said under the mask was a lot greater.”

Rodriguez said he merely stood up for himself.

“If someone challenges you like that, I’m going to stand up to it,” he said.

Also, about Sturtze – someone said he was pulling Kapler off of Bernie who was pulling Schilling off of A-Rod. I don’t know if its true, but if that’s the case – Sturtze gains some respect.

Good Stuff From Zim

New York Daily News:

COOPERSTOWN – From the relative safety and comfort of his hotel room near the Hall of Fame, Don Zimmer watched the latest brawl between the Yankees and Red Sox yesterday and found his whole life flashing before him.

“All I looked for was Pedro,” the former Yankee bench coach said in reference to his own celebrated melee with Boston pitcher Pedro Martinez in last year’s tumultuous ALCS.

“I never saw him. He was probably up in the clubhouse. That figures.

Lance Armstrong

He won his 6th consecutive Tour de France yesterday. Amazing. Congrats to him.

Williams is loyal only to himself

Interesting piece by Paul Attner of The Sporting News.

Varitek Sitting it Out

Funny thing about “the fight”. Varitek went after A-Rod in “full body armor” and he hurt himself and missed the game. Trot Nixon is “coincidentally” out, as well, after that game.


Jason Varitek’s New Nickname

Oh yeah. Also, I have a new nickname for Jason Varitek.

“The Masked Man”.

Fox Poll Last Night

When I was watching the baseball game, they had a poll.

Q. What is the play of the game.

1. One hour rain delay.
2. Fight.
3. Proctor striking out Nomar.

Uh… STUPID?! I couldn’t believe this when I saw it. 1. isn’t a play and wasn’t during the game. 2. was during the game, but its not a play. 3. was a play. No shock – 2. was the winner.

Well, we’re about 50 minutes away from game 3. Let’s go Yankees.

Ricky Williams

What in the world?

I’ve always kind of defended Ricky Williams as being misunderstood, not a bad guy. Well, he let me down, to be honest.

It looks like he just loves smoking pot and he hates the fact that the NFL won’t allow him to. So that was a “minor” consideration in retirement.

I wonder how much he considered his teammates, the organization, the fans and the committments he made. For instance, I’m all for a guy being happy – but doing it one week before training camp when everyone is signed and drafted really shows me a person who is being selfish and unprofessional.

Even if he did this a week earlier – we could have signed Eddie George, who would have fit in well. But, no, he waits until now. Unbelievable.

Ricky Williams to retire?

Are you freaking kidding me?

I’m going to wait to seriously comment until this is more out there, but how could he do this a week before training camp? If he really does that… oh boy.