May 2004 Posts

I just met the guy who has the AIM name “ipo”

Are you kidding me? Who’d he have to kill, anyway? Has to be like meeting some sort of lower level celebrity, I tell you…

The 100 .coms that have been registered the longest

Found this over at

Interesting stuff.

Nintendo GameCube Games at E3

Sure, there was the exciting new Nintendo DS as well as some nice offerings for the GBA (but, I’m not much into portable games) and who knows what else.

But, with the time that I do have, I prefer to play games on our GameCube. I’m excited. There are some really neat games that were/have been announced. This is why Nintendo is so good – because of the games.

The ones that come to mind/that I know of that I am looking forward to are Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, the new Zelda game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 (we skipped 2004, so I am looking at maybe picking that one up), the obvious Madden 2005, maybe the new NBA Live, the next GameCube Star Fox, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Spider-man 2, maybe Mario Tennis and who knows, maybe even the GameCube version of Four Swords.

Crimity. I definitely won’t be getting all of those. Or close to all of those.


Just found a service that allows you to ping multiple sites with your new blog entry with just a click. I had previously not been pinging anything (that I know of) but I may start now.

Thanks to Chu Yeow

Edit: Forgot the link to the site!

Look Past Money, Use Common Sense

There are a lot of ways that that phrase can be applied, but let’s hit on an example I (and a very anonymous – ;) – good friend) just ran across. I had already noticed it, but him bringing it up in the context of “this is what makes you different” brought it up to me a bit more and I wanted to blog about it.

This is the same issue brought up to two different administrators of two different communities. One of them being me.

On both sites, you have a banner that, all of a sudden, starts talking to you. This is annoying to some, so my/his users started threads at the respective sites bringing up the banner and voicing displeasure.

How the other guy handled it:

Basically, he defended it and said it didn’t bug him and that it isn’t as annoying as this or that or this and how other people he knows like it and so on.

What is being missed here is that none of that really matters. Comments like that only increase the users annoyance level. If you are going to keep the banner ad, fine, say so. Don’t say things that are just going to add even more frustration onto the fact.

How I handled it:

Here’s the thread.

After only 2 people had voiced their displeasure, I responded saying I would remove it. I would have done it after 1, but I didn’t view the thread before then. After I read their posts, I considered to myself, just how annoying is this? Do I want to hear sound come out of nowhere on a page, unexpected? I mean, I can live with it. But, why should I have to? If I take the banner off, will I go broke? No, no and no.

Even if I liked it, it is still obtrusive. So, I decided, we don’t need that banner.

It took me a while to get it taken care of, but eventually we figured out what banner it was and where it was and I took care of it.

I’m not saying that you should do whatever your users say, but I am saying that you need to definitely consider the facts of the matter. And, after all that, if you still wish to go the other way, don’t say things that add to the displeasure of the users who don’t feel the same way.

Common Craft

I’ve added a link to Common Craft, which is a community management strategies blog (or weblog – he doesn’t like the word blog apparently) by Lee LeFever. Interesting stuff.

I’ll be posting a funny story when I get some time, as well…

Well, excuse me…

… for not allowing illegal content on my communities.

I had a guy who started a thread with a link to a site and the subject matter of that site is an illegal substance (in some areas, including the one I am in). Against our guidelines, post removed, polite notification site.

The guy didn’t really like that and gave me the usual censorship and childish idiocy. He also threw it a “fear”, which I was kind of puzzled by.

Nonetheless, it is the responsibility and every community to decide what they will allow and a guideline prohibiting illegal discussions or links to illegal content is perfectly reasonable and understandable.

A-Rod Homers in First At Bat in Texas as a Yankee

I wish I could have heard the boos for that one.

Return of the Mummy: The Ride

Launching today at Universal Studios Orlando, Return of the Mummy: The Ride. It is where the Kong ride used to be and it looks awesome. When I was there just recently, I took a photo of the statue thing that was out in City Walk.


Darn our required timing, but I look forward to riding it next time! back to old page? is display the old page for me. I know it is the old page because people said that it used to be a list of publishes, which is what it is now.

I had never seen the page before, as I never visited the site before the Flash version was launched.

Probably just a mistake or maybe a DNS issue?