Mean Girls

Today, I found out that Lindsay Lohan’s character in the movie “Mean Girls” was homeschooled. I saw this in a trailer for the movie on TV where they said that she was and then said then showed her at the table with some other girls. I think one of them said something like “so, you’ve never been to school before?” And then she answers no and then then the other girls says “shut up!” And then Lohan says something to the extent of “I didn’t say anything”. As if she didn’t know what the connotation of shut up meant…

The key thing to remember is that she was homeschooled in Africa, so you could see how the connotations of an American teenage girl might escape her.

I was reading a review at when I came across this quote:

It was particularly clever to give Lohan a vehicle that advanced her to the level of playing a realistic teenager who literally moves out of a fantasized, protective world and into the real one.

Assuming this is an accurate description to the film, it is an unfortunate steriotype for homeschoolers to see continued in a film. But, everyone has to take shots, I suppose. As long as people know its humor and not neccessarily realistic.

Maybe, one day, I too will enter the great real world…

Patrick O'Keefe

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