About the Yankees having a losing record…

I just got an IM from someone I kind of know:

“Last time the Yankees had a sub-.500 April and still made the postseason: 1952, when they went 5-6. Last time the Yankees were more than one game under .500 in April and still made the postseason: Never.”

Now, putting aside the fact that I very rarely brag about the Yankees or put down other teams for that matter… and assuming it is true… let’s just hope we make some history this year.

Patrick O'Keefe

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about 18 years ago

Here is how I feel about the Yankees, they are somewhat overrated but they have a power house. Do I think they can get out of their slump, sure, but they need to do some fine tuning and figure out what works and what doesn't. Now the Astros on the other hand, there's a team you should be following ;)



about 18 years ago

Funny thing... I just noticed that the Yankees haven't guarenteed that they will finish below .500. They are one game below .500 right now and they have two games left in April. So, if they can win both (or win 1 and have 1 rained out/postponed), they will not finish under .500. And the second part of his message said if they were more than 1 game. If they can win 1 of these next 2... they'll be exactly one game.

Maybe the guy who sent me that was a tad premature. :D


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