Two of my communities were attacked by spam bots earlier today. Get this, they register 80 accounts (per site) and make hundreds or thousands of posts within minutes. They make one post per basically every thread on the entire website.

I had it cleaned up in a half hour. First, I went ahead and turned user e-mail activation on, so that they couldn’t do it again (and probably won’t be able to do it again). You see, they register all these accounts with bogus e-mails. So, if they have to confirm them via e-mail to post… they’ll never be able to post. Then I have a nice phpBB hack installed that allows me to delete all inactive accounts with a few clicks.

Anyway, back to today. I found a hack that would allow me to delete all posts made by a certain user. They had spread their posts out across maybe 80-100 user accounts overall, so I just did each username individually over and over and I was done in a little while. Then I deleted all of the bum accounts with a query in phpMyAdmin.

I now have e-mail activation turned on at all of my communities and I recommend that you do the same. I used to say that small communities should do without it, but I’ve changed my tune. The good far outweighs the bad. These guys try to register accounts on my sites all the time, but because I have the e-mail activation turned on and that hack installed, I can delete their accounts within 30 seconds. Piece of cake.

Some people have too much time on their hands.

I want the Lakers to win

I’m not really much of a basketball fan. But, I want the Lakers to win. So many people want them to lose. Say they’re overrated, this that and everything else. I’ve wanted them to win all season and I want them to win now.

Did anyone see tonights game? I didn’t. How about that finish?

If they lose, it won’t really bug me. I don’t care about them, really. Not near as much as I care about my beloved Yankees and Dolphins, of course. But, still… I’d like to see it.

Mean Girls

Today, I found out that Lindsay Lohan’s character in the movie “Mean Girls” was homeschooled. I saw this in a trailer for the movie on TV where they said that she was and then said then showed her at the table with some other girls. I think one of them said something like “so, you’ve never been to school before?” And then she answers no and then then the other girls says “shut up!” And then Lohan says something to the extent of “I didn’t say anything”. As if she didn’t know what the connotation of shut up meant…

The key thing to remember is that she was homeschooled in Africa, so you could see how the connotations of an American teenage girl might escape her.

I was reading a review at when I came across this quote:

It was particularly clever to give Lohan a vehicle that advanced her to the level of playing a realistic teenager who literally moves out of a fantasized, protective world and into the real one.

Assuming this is an accurate description to the film, it is an unfortunate steriotype for homeschoolers to see continued in a film. But, everyone has to take shots, I suppose. As long as people know its humor and not neccessarily realistic.

Maybe, one day, I too will enter the great real world…

Metroid Prime 2


I can’t wait.

New Respect for Barry Sanders

I always thought Barry Sanders was one of the greatest backs ever. But, for some reason, I never sat down and took a good look at his stats. Well, today, because of a thread at SF.n, I took a look.

Amazing. 10 seasons. 10 pro bowl appearances. 10 1,000 yard rushing seasons.


Jeez. I have a friend, Jackie McGhee. I get this e-mail from a spammer.

From: Brenda Mcghee
Title: jackie

Gimme a break.

Google Blog

The Google Blog has launched. Definitely something to keep an eye on.

I am Homestar Runner… and Strong Bad

Quite a few “Which Homestar Runner Character Are You?” quizzes around.



“You are Strong Bad. Are you for good or awesome? You’ve got tons of attitude, are a bit of a bully, and love loud, 80s glam rock. You’ll do well with writing creatively.”

Funny how things work out sometimes…

So, we’re driving back home (13 hour drive) and all of a sudden, we decide to stop somewhere with 4 1/2 hours to go on the drive. Not planned at all.

I had a Baseball Mogul League draft that I thought I had taken care of (sent in my draft list, etc.), so I didn’t need to be there. But, it turns out that I didn’t and if I hadn’t gotten there (I got there with 15 minutes to spare), I would have been forced to pass on both of my picks. Instead, I was able to make my picks.

Also, the Harry Potter special on ABC was later that evening and it had seemed like we were away from home every day except for the one day it was going to be on. We don’t really get ABC at home, so we weren’t going to see it. But, because we stopped, we were able to watch most of it.

Funny how things work out sometimes.


I found today’s Dilbert funny.