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Please Update Your RSS Subscription

October 6, 2012

Thank you for visiting my personal blog. This is a special message for those who subscribe it through RSS.

Until now, I’ve used a service called FeedBurner to serve my RSS feed. Unfortunately, there have been some ominous signs that the product is not receiving adequate attention, leading to questions about its reliability.

I wanted to address this before it is a real issue and, as such, have moved my RSS feed to another provider. To that end, I would like to ask you to please delete your old subscription and subscribe to my new feed URL, which is at

The good news is that, with this change, I will have increased control over my RSS feed, ensuring that I will not need to ask you to resubscribe again in the future due to issues with a provider like this.

Thank you for understanding and for reading. Like my friend Jared, I do plan to return to my personal blog and I think of things every day that I’d like to share. I look forward to getting back to it.

5 Responses to “Please Update Your RSS Subscription”

  1. Bnpositive says:

    What are you using for your RSS to replace Feedburner?

  2. Patrick says:

    Hey Jason,

    I am using FeedBlitz, but I am using a CNAME to ensure it is on my domain name – so I can more easily switch providers in the future, without asking people to resubscribe.



  3. taiwan says:

    what is FeedBlitz giving you that feedburner did not?

  4. Patrick says:

    Hey taiwan,

    Mainly, it is an issue of reliability. I wanted to switch over before FeedBurner experienced further issues or, worse, went away.



  5. taiwan says:

    i hope google doesnt do that… they just did a blogger overhaul… i hope they do one for feedburner!

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