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Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson

June 25, 2009

The Los Angeles Times reports that Michael Jackson has died. CNN has confirmed it.

As with so many others, he was definitely a part of my childhood. From time to time my parents joke about me doing “the Michael Jackson dance” when I was little. This basically meant I moved around in a sort of jittering fashion like a crazy person, resembling Jackson’s moves for maybe a second and by accident.

At EPCOT, I loved the Captain EO ride. I had the Michael Jackson sneakers from L.A. Gear (black with gold, metal circles). I was really young, so I didn’t really listen to or buy albums, but the big singles, especially “Beat It” and “Bad,” I loved. I didn’t end up buying any of his music until the past few years, which is when I got a little deeper into his older stuff and other tracks. I still need to go back and buy all his albums and I’ll do that one day.

So, today is a sad day. He was a tremendous talent, which goes without saying, and his accomplishments were immense. He inspired a generation of entertainers. He’ll be missed.


3 Responses to “Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson”

  1. Michael Jackson Zemrel says:

    Michael Jackson was the best musician and never we’ll find someone as great as he was. Rest in peace, dear, beloved, King of the pop!

  2. Healthier Licorice says:

    That day when i heard about Michael Jackson’s death, I got stunned, he was my all time favorite singer and dancer and really a awesome personality too. I always missed him..

  3. Patrick says:

    Thanks for the comments, MJZ and HL.

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