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Top 10 O’Keefe/O’Keeffe/O’Keef’s on Twitter by Followers

February 14, 2009

When Brian Scott O’keefe followed me on Twitter, it made me look up what other O’Keefes were on the service. So, since I had already done this, why not post the top 10 most followed O’Keefes?

I used Twitter’s people search and I searched for not only O’Keefe, but O’Keeffe and O’Keef. Obligatory disclaimer: this search is limited. If someone doesn’t have O’Keefe/O’Keeffe/O’Keef on their profile, they wouldn’t show up. This is for fun and numbers aren’t all-important. With that out of the way, here are the top 10:

1. Kevin O’Keefe (kevinokeefe), 2,916 Followers
2. Tom O’Keefe (TOKiBiz), 1,158 Followers
3. Patrick O’Keefe (patrickokeefe), 906 Followers
4. Jeanne O’Keefe (thecolumbusteam), 632 Followers
5. Tom O’Keefe (TomOKeefe1), 561 Followers
6. Brian Scott O’keefe (randomblink), 556 Followers
7. Charlie O’Keefe (charlieok), 332 Followers
8. Linda O’Keefe (RIGHTone), 329 Followers
9. Matt O’Keefe (mattokeefe), 257 Followers
10. Kevin O’Keefe (voiceofwales), 253 Followers

O’Keefe powers ACTIVATE!

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