June 2008 Posts

Got a Call From “Domain Registration Support”

I keep all of my domain names at eNom. Well, I may have a few scattered around at any given time if I purchased them from another party and assumed ownership at their registrar – but, when it comes time to renew, they’ll all be transfered over to eNom. I keep my domain names organized and keep a print out of all names ordered by expiration date that I go through every month or so and renew the ones that need to be renewed. So, I’m completely on top of my domain names because, really, you have to be. This helps give me peace of mind which allows me to deal with any odd things that come up… like someone trying to take over registration. Which brings me to a phone call I received yesterday.

I answered the phone and was greeted by a woman, saying something about one of my domain names (she mentioned it by name). She was a little hard to understand, so I missed half of what she said. But, the gist was that they had important updates regarding my domain name that required a fax number so that they could send them to me. I didn’t catch her company on the first go, so I asked her who she worked for and she said “Domain Registration Support.” Riiiiiiiiiiigggghhhhttttt. I told her that my domain names are all taken care of and she said good bye.

I can only guess that the fax would have been paperwork to transfer my domain name to who knows where. Usually, these sorts of things come via regular mail or e-mail, but this is the first time I’ve ever received one over the phone.

New Interviews, Reviews and More

I was interviewed by Jake McKee of Community Guy and Andrea Hermitt from Families.com’s Homeschool Blog (her article also includes a review of the book). Izzy Neis gave the former a nice mention on her blog.

On the reviews front, David Berkowitz of Inside the Marketers Studio, Jonathan Bailey of PlagiarismToday, Jason Bean of Uncover the Internet, Ramona Iftode of wTricks.com, Miranda Marquit of IdeaScope and Jeff Henrichsen of JKT Network all have reviews of the book.

Domaining.org.uk mentioned the book as part of three books that could help you increase the value of your domain names.

Finally, Wendy Piersall of Sparkplug CEO recommended the book in her “10 More Work at Home Internet Business Ideas You Can Do in Your Fuzzy Bunny Slippers” article. For each idea she mentioned, she recommended a book. “Managing Online Forums” was recommended under the “Niche Forums” idea.

Thanks to everyone for the interest and consideration!