July 2007 Posts

CEOs: Don’t Anonymously Slam Your Competitors

Wow. This is so embarrassing.

Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey used the pseudonym “rahodeb,” to jab and make disparaging comments about his rival competitor Wild Oats and others. Earlier this year, Whole Foods agreed to buy Wild Oats for $565 million, or $18.50 a share. …

Rahodeb posted over 1,394 entries on Yahoo Finance stock forums over the past eight years. Those postings came to light this week as part of the FTC lawsuit to block Whole Foods’ takeover of Wild Oats. …

Gotta be kidding me. Then again, I’m not surprised. But, the CEO? That’s just insane. Don’t do things that you’ll be embarrassed about if they come to light – and this ranks pretty high on the old embarrassment scale, does it not? There’s just no way that it can be defended. You can’t do things that you will be ashamed of if they should come to light.

I do things all the time that would be unpopular with some or many or, perhaps, most. Like kicking people off of my sites. But, I know, in my heart and mind, that I did what was right and that I am justified, regardless of what anyone says or how facts are misrepresented or forgotten. But, there is just no way that you can fall back on something like that if you anonymously post on message boards to try to effect shareholder or potential shareholder perspective of your company or a competitor. In this day of litigation and people who constantly put you under a microscope… to do something like this is just incredible.

How Content Theft Affects Smaller Sites

We do a lot of great things at Bad Boy Blog. We break stories, we do interviews, we get the truth out. The site is a blast for me. I’m a huge Bad Boy fan and I love writing about the subject. I’ve developed a bunch of contacts and sources and I’ve really embraced the whole journalism thing and working on Bad Boy Blog has been and is a great experience. It’s reminded me that I should make sites that are fun for me because it shows.

But, one thing I have noticed is that… I can’t just write stories. I really need to keep an eye on content thieves. It doesn’t matter how many hours I bust my butt on a major feature or interview (and I have a major, major feature coming up that I’ve spent 15-20 hours on, at least, already and I haven’t even written it!) if I don’t get that traffic. If I don’t get that traffic, I don’t get that money and if I don’t get that money, I can’t spend my life doing this. The same goes for breaking news. Same deal. I’ve noticed trends with certain artists and certain sites. Like, when I do a piece of Jordan McCoy, it gets ripped and posted on idolforums.com. Or if I do a piece on B5, it gets ripped and posted on their official forums. To the credit of their moderators, when I report it, it gets taken care of. But, I’m already hurt – I missed that initial traffic surge that comes from people seeing it first.

I get all the traffic I can by reporting it as early as possible (and hoping a moderator gets to it quickly and knows what they are looking at), but I’m still not as good as I should have been. What’s scary is that if I don’t report it – I doubt it would be addressed at all. No one looks out for you but you. That’s not how I run my communities (we actively remove anyone we suspect is violating someone’s copyright), but it’s how a ton of communities are run these days. It’s amazing how many people just rip content and copy and paste an entire article. Even without a source link. I’m a veteran. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’m used to it. But, still, it kills me because I spend so much time on these features sometimes so that I can offer my visitors something interesting and unique and get more traffic and it gets ripped without me seeing anything. A lot of people don’t understand (or care) that if they like my writing and they want me to keep writing, I need to get that traffic.

It’s not all bad, of course. The more people quote you, the more people become familiar with you and the more you are looked at as an authority. I want people to quote me. I just don’t want people to post the entire article or post a quote of it without a link to the entry. Big sites can overcome this nonsense because they have their own developed audience. With smaller sites, I think, they are more susceptible to simply being cut off period because if they don’t get the link on that big site, if they instead just get ripped by some random poster, they never see a thing. They don’t have a huge audience. And that makes them quit or puts them out of business because they simply can’t invest the time. I’ve trained myself, now, to check out key forums related to the artists that I cover after I post a big story to wait for someone to rip it because it’s going to happen. It’s only a matter of when.


Bloxorz is a cool flash game where you navigate a… well, a block… around a level trying to get it into a hole. Sounds pretty simple, but it’s well executed.

Via metamoota at SitePoint Forums.

Diddy Looking for Personal Assistant on YouTube

This is pretty cool.

It’ll be interesting to see if someone from YouTube is actually selected. I’d give it a go if I didn’t already run my own company. It’s not a job for the lazy, though. It’s definitely a job for the dedicated workaholic that realizes what being an assistant for someone like Diddy is going to be like. At the same time, it’d certainly be a job with perks, including making some incredible contacts, I’m sure.

Super Shooter

Super Shooter is a comedy short series by Blame Society Productions. They are better known for Chad Vader (which I also love), but I wanted to mention Super Shooter in this post. They describe it as:

A man on a mission, to shoot people, with his gun. See Matt and Aaron in their most diverse array of roles within one show. Also featuring Finn as Lil’ Shooter. Warning: strong language.

There is strong language in it, so I do have to repeat that warning. You don’t want to repeat some of the things said in it in the comments here, for example. But, me and my brother really, really enjoy it. We’ve watched the most recent episode like 10 times, laughing a ton each time. We’ve repeated lines from the conversation between the chief and the commissioner so many times. I’d say it’s a unique brand of humor that not everyone will appreciate (everyone has different taste… and a different sense of humor), but I have to say that I love it. It’s hilarious. When I get a chance, I am going to support them with my wallet and buy some stuff from their site.

Anyway, check out the first five episodes (thus far) below.

After a Day of Using Airborne…

So, like I said yesterday, I took 3 doses of Airborne the first full day of being sick to see if I might happen to have some sort of great recovery (note: I was not expecting one… at the end of the day, it’s just liquid vitamins, I think). No such luck. I do feel better, but not great. So, it’s an improvement. Whether or not it’s related to Airborne or not, who knows. But, it doesn’t hurt. Like resting, drinking orange juice, eating chicken soup, etc.

I also had a vegetable soup last night that my mom put together that certainly must have helped (my parents are both sick, my little brother was sick last week – so far, my middle brother is the only one who has avoided it). I took 2 doses of Airborne today (I’ve decided to limit myself to 2) and I’ll be having chicken soup with a lot of garlic tonight. Hopefully, tomorrow morning, I’ll be operating somewhere closer to full capacity. :)

Pownce Invites

Thanks to Chris, I’ve got some invites to Pownce. If you’d like one, let me know.


Well, I’m sick today. Had a sore throat late last night, slept terribly and woke up and felt worse. I’m experimenting with Airborne. I’ve read online about people who have taken it and it has helped them to fight it off quickly, so I am taking it hard core today (taken it 3 times today… based on the once per 3 hours on the bottle, I will be able to get up to 5 today after doing some reading online, it looks like 3 in a day is the max as you can overdo some of these nutrients and cause some damage) and will see how I feel tomorrow. I’m still around and working though – the morning was rough but it’s been better as the day has gone on. I always say that you can tell that I am really, really sick if I don’t make it to my computer. :)

New Site Launched!

Hopefully this post reaches all of my 5-10 (or so) RSS subscribers. :) As you can see, the new site has launched. I hope that you like it. If you find anything that’s out of place, please let me know. Thanks!

Edit: I know that the pages aren’t working and I will get this fixed shortly. Thanks Tanner. ;)

Downtime Later Today

The plans that I mentioned in June are moving forward today. When the time comes to make the transition, I will disable comments here. There will be a little downtime during the conversion. It shouldn’t be that long, though. All blog entries and feeds will be forwarded to their new locations. I’m looking forward to it.