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July 23, 2007

As a follow up to my post the other day, I was in Bloglines just now, reading the latest Diddy headlines and… well… I came across a blog entry from a blog at a major hip hop site. Now, they’re main site is actually a good source of news and they have some standards of journalism and they report news and features accordingly. But, their blogs… well… I don’t think I’ve seen an entry that had anything nice to say about Diddy, ever. Not that that’s a huge deal, but they just bash him and bash him and bash him. But, the real problem is when they repeat nonsense rumors or other garbage. It’s… er… tripe? Yeah, tripe. I’ve seen it from their blogs before and I continue to see it. And this fits in Google News? But, my site, where we do some actual journalism, where we don’t sensationalize, where we label rumors as rumors, doesn’t.

And, I know we’re a fan site and it is true that I’m a fan and we write from a fan’s perspective. But, at the same time, when I don’t like something, I say it. Not everything we say is positive. Most, perhaps, but not all. I actually did resubmit the site last night and… well… I expect to be rejected. But, I’ll let you know.

2 Responses to “More on Google News”

  1. James Dasher says:

    Have you tried to get in touch with anyone at Google News? Perhaps through an unofficial source (personal blog or something)?

  2. Patrick says:

    Thanks for the comment, James. Do you know of anyone in particular?

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