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Someone Got a Hold of My Credit Card Number…

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

So, I logged onto the Bank of America site to check something with my statement and I get a notice saying that my account isn’t available online and that I had to verify some recent transactions at a website or over the phone. Well, I tried to do the website, but my mother’s maiden name wasn’t matching up, so I called. Sure enough, someone had been using my credit card number.

They spent $577 at the Post Office, like $300 at Chip and Pepper (I’d never heard of them before this), like $250 at (again, never heard of them) and a couple other assorted transactions. Not that big a deal. I just have to get a new account number. But, $577 at the Post Office? That’s where you go when you steal someone’s credit card number? lol. Unless they were shipping away what they bought with my number already or something.