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Jonathan Bailey

January 11, 2007

I haven’t known him long (I’ve exchanged some e-mails with him, read his blog for a while and he’ll be a guest on the next episode of The Community Admin Show), but I like Jonathan Bailey of PlagiarismToday a lot. In all of our correspondence, he’s struck me as a good guy and his blog is incredibly useful. He provides a great service to content creators online. I sent him a link to a search engine that I found was scraping my community’s content and this is the result. Not an embellished, exaggerated personal attack by an attention seeking loser, but a well reasoned, well written post by someone who obviously takes the responsibility of writing seriously. It’s very refreshing to see.

2 Responses to “Jonathan Bailey”

  1. Jonathan Bailey says:


    First off, thank you for the incredibly nice post. I really don’t know what to say. It is very overwhelming.

    I do take my writing seriously, that is very true. It’s part of my nature from my journalism and mass communications background. I don’t always get it right nor am I anywhere near perfect, but I do try.

    In regards to the matter at hand, the guy behind the site is making some very large concessions and seems to be cooperating nicely.

    I just thought you might want the update. Thank you again for all of your kind words. It’s nice to be supported for taking my writing seriously, rather than being chastised for it like so many have before.

  2. Patrick says:

    My pleasure. :)

    Thanks for the update.

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