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KeySpan Digital Media Remote Control

September 16, 2006

I often use my PC to listen to music. Not just with headphones, but with speakers, etc. I had always changed the song with the mouse. But, last week, I was thinking “it would be great if I had a remote.” So, I started searching for some sort of PC remote. After a little bit of consideration, I picked up the KeySpan Digital Media Remote Control.

I got it 5 days or so ago and I wanted to try it for a few days before talking about it, but so far, so good. Works from a good range. The only thing I wish I could do is preset it to work with a specific application. If you forget to click on Winamp or if a window pops up (like a chat room), it takes the focus off Winamp, even if you had clicked it. It only works with the selected window. Maybe there is a way around this, but I am not aware of it. In any case, though, I like it.


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