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So, I’ve been doing some stuff with social bookmarking and what not. It occurred to me the other day that I had never checked to see if my sites had been bookmarked by anyone, etc. Things like that are cool to me. I remember when I found my sites on StumbleUpon. I thought, “hey, that is cool!” and The thought of someone liking my site enough to… do something like that is cool to me, for whatever reason.

Anyway, I did some searches and found that 101 people have bookmarked on I thought that was pretty cool. (Let’s see how many times I can say cool in this entry. sigh). So, I am thinking of integrating buttons for the more popular bookmarking sites only (not news sites, like digg) into some pages on my sites. For instance, the download pages at, like this one (one of the greatest hacks ever created :)). Maybe forum threads. But, is it a good idea? Is it a waste of space? Are the bookmarking sites benefiting much more from me linking to them than I could possible recoup? I am not sure that forum threads is a good idea, but I think the download pages do make some sense. People could bookmark their favorite hacks, templates, etc. But, I’m honestly not positive. I’m thinking about it.

Let me know what you think.

Patrick O'Keefe

Managing online communities since 2000, I publish a collective of websites known as the iFroggy Network. I wrote the book Managing Online Forums and, as a public speaker, have presented for organizations like CNN, institutions like Australian National University and conferences like SXSW. More about me.

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