March 2006 Posts

Daunte to the Dolphins!

Awesome. Traded a second round pick for him and it is contingent on him passing a physical. Just one year ago, he threw for 4,717 yards with 39 touchdowns and 11 INTs. I know there are some concerns, but I am very happy. For quite a while, we’ve had the receivers and the running back. We’ve finally got the QB again (best one since Marino), I hope.

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Sources: Dolphins to Have QB by Today

Dolphins’ QB search heats up:

The Dolphins are expected to have a new quarterback by the end of today, two sources said. The decision on which quarterback — Brees or Culpepper — will be based on today’s meeting with Brees in South Florida.

Wow. Really, it’d be awesome to get one of them. Since Marino retired, we’ve had… Jay Fiedler, Ray Lucas, Damon Huard, Sage Rosenfels, A.J. Feeley and Gus Frerotte. So, either one would be the best QB since Marino. I think if they were both free agents, I’d prefer Culpepper. But, since we have to trade for him, that means we have to give something up, unlike if we sign Brees. Still, I’ll take either one. Will be interesting to see who we end up with.

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Sam Madison Signs with Giants

Unfortunately, Sam Madison, the former Dolphins cornerback, has signed with the Giants. He was my favorite player, but my favorite player really has to be on my favorite team, so I will have to come up with a new one, I guess.

On a related/unreleased note, the Dolphins were in the run for Daunte Culpepper, but the deadline passed and still nothing, so I guess that’s dead. We’re gonna meet with Drew Brees on Sunday, though.

Taxes Done!

I just finished preparing my taxes for my appointment at H&R Block on Monday. It took me… eh… 6 hours or so, but it wasn’t so bad. And it’s done. So… yay.

R.I.P.: Edgar Stiles

Man, that was a hard part to watch, but Edgar is gone. Don’t they have gas masks at CTU? Maybe there wasn’t time. Nice job, Lynn.

Bad Boys II

Just watched it last night on Fox. A good, enjoyable movie. I’m not much of a critic. It had a good soundtrack, as well. ;)

Anyway, 2 hours of 24 tonight!

A First

Well, I just did something for the first time. I accidentally posted something that was meant for one blog, on another. I posted a Microsoft press release on instead of It was bound to happen eventually!

I Hate Clowns

Neat game.

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