February 2006 Posts

Bought a Bunch of Vinyl

I bought a bunch of vinyl yesterday and I’ll be buying some more. I bought a Diddy remix from 1992 that I’d never seen before previously anywhere – vinyl, CD or otherwise. Bought a bunch of other rare stuff as well that I can only seem to find on vinyl. I guess now would be a good time to start looking into getting a record ripping setup of some kind.

Need Someone in France

I do!

BLOB something!

Man, that’s great.

Via Robert Scoble.

30 Years Since Gates’ “An Open Letter to Hobbyists”

It’s been 30 years (as of February 3) since the letter Bill Gates wrote as a 20 year old, critical of piracy, titled “An Open Letter to Hobbyists” was published in the Homebrew Computer Club newsletter. Check it out.

“Most directly, the thing you do is theft.”

Right on.

Via Nathan via Slashdot.