October 2005 Posts

AdSense Posts Optimization Tips for Forums

Over at Inside Adsense (the official AdSense blog), they’ve posted some tips for optimizing your AdSense ads on your communities. Nothing too new to any of us who have been doing it for very long, but still, it’s nice to see them write something focused to forums. Lately, I have been pondering the side bar ad. Anyone tried it? How did it do? DId it look alright? I tried placing ads below the first posts and performance hasn’t been good – simply not worth having ads there. I’m trying Chitika there now on my two largest sites. Nothing too great to report just yet.

When I get some time, I plan to move some things around. Maybe place Chitika ads below AdSense ads on pages where it looks good (mainly where I have 468×60 banners as skyscrapers would just take up too much space in that). Also, I’m planning to move link units around as I got some code over at phpBBHacks.com (see the Chitika ads there?) that allows me to make it so that ads will only be displayed on certain pages and I can put them in overall header. Previously, I couldn’t do that because it would display them on all pages, including pages that Google doesn’t want them on (sign up pages, etc.). So, I’m hoping that’ll result in improved performance.

Via Darren Rowse.

Need a 20 Inch LCD?

This seems like a pretty good deal?

Mariano Rivera for 2005 AL MVP/Cy Young!

Do you feel that Mo should win the MVP or the Cy Young? Do you have a website? You can show your support. Read more at MarianoRivera.com.

The World Is Not Flat

Check out The World Is Not Flat. It’s a neat site (cool, detailed look). Lee LeFever and his wife are going on a year long international… jaunt… and are going to be documenting their trip. They’re also looking for people (like you) to post their travel experiences. Find out more at Common Craft.


Because of the gushing of my friend Jeremy and Darren Rowse, I have decided to try Chitika. I have given them a few spots on SportsForums.net, KarateForums.com and phpBBHacks.com. If they work well, I may expand that. We shall see.

Congrats to Brandon

I just wanted to hand out a big congrats to my friend Brandon and his wife Tracy who have now had baby number two! Welcome to the world.

Stewie Live

Check out Stewie Live. My favorites:


Edit: Type is another one (via Keith).