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AIM Message: Help Hurricane Victims, Click 1 Google Ad at My Site

Thursday, October 27th, 2005

After reading about comment spammers using the Hurricane victims over at Darren Rowse’s blog, I got a message on AIM today, out of nowhere.

< name removed >: < link removed > please click 1 google ad. To help support Hurricane Victims.

I looked at the link. It redirects to a site on a sub domain of an entirely different domain that has nothing to do with “auto imports.” It looks like a 5% search site that I would guess is a developing junk site, but I’m not 100% on that. It’s not a fully functioning site, though.

The site has one small Google ad to the right with colors that hurt your yes. There is nothing about Hurricane victims on the entire website. Suffice to say, I clicked nothing. Not that I would have if it said he it on the site, either.

iFroggynet: That’s… disgusting.
< name removed >: Whats disgusting?
iFroggynet: Using the Hurricane victims.
< name removed >: Ok,,
< name removed >: What are you talking about?
< name removed >: using hurricane victims?
iFroggynet: < name removed>: < link removed > please click 1 google ad. To help support Hurricane Victims.
< name removed >: yes?
< name removed >: Its to help them
< name removed >: mother f*****
iFroggynet: And where does it say that?
< name removed >: my uncle died in the hurricane
< name removed >: your getting a f****** block
iFroggynet: You’re getting reported to Google.
< name removed >: I have already donated $300 out of my pocket to hurricane victims
iFroggynet: Soliciting clicks is against their TOS.
< name removed >: and your getting reported to AIM

Now, I don’t believe him, but how could I? To me, it looks like a low, slimey tactic, just as was the case in Darren’s comment spam. As an aside, his site is violating at least 2 of Google’s policies. I wonder what I did that violated AIM’s policies.