24 Season Finale

Insane. Random thoughts:

When the car exploded, I was wondering why they just assumed it was them… as usual, Jack has to be the one to save the day. That was awesome how they (Jack, Tony, Curtis) took down that woman.

Logan = weasel prez. If Logan had been calling the shots… well, it would have been a different result. But, now he looks great. “You played a role, David. You played a role.” lol. Right. Logan didn’t play a role. Palmer’s the man.

I was kind of surprised that they got to the missile. But, I guess I shouldn’t have been. In the end, even if it wasn’t exactly smooth, everything Jack did worked out in sequence to bring about that resolution. And then Logan wants to hand him over and Logan’s buddy wants to kill him… nice. Novick deserves credit for overhearing that conversation and telling Palmer.

Jack staging his death was brilliant. Just about what you’d expect.

Clock runs out on twisty `24′ season finale:

“You do understand — when you hang up, for all intents and purposes, Jack Bauer is dead,” said former President David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) in a final phone call to Bauer.

“I do understand that, sir. Mr. President, it’s been an honor,” Bauer replied, then took off for parts unknown.

When he put on his sunglasses and “walked off into the sunset”, I’m thinking… “is that the end of the series?” But, no… Jack’ll be back in January 2006. How? Who knows… but the show has been renewed for two seasons. Can’t wait.

Patrick O'Keefe

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Stephan Segraves

about 15 years ago

You know, I've never watched the show but I caught pieces of this season's episodes and it seems that they are getting a little desperate for plotlines... How much longer can they can stay on the air?



about 15 years ago

Didn't seem desperate to me. I just enjoy watching it, really. I started watching it half way through this season.

I don't know. It's a popular show, has had a good run. Who knows. :)



about 14 years ago

Heh. Season finale of 24 on May the 22 :P


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