April 2005 Posts

Backup Hard Drive (Update)

Updating what I wrote previously, I am now looking at getting a Hitachi 250GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive with that enclosure.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

Terrell Owens

Stephen A. Smith:

Owens did sign a seven-year deal for more than $46 million just last season. He did promise to be a model citizen for an organization whose owner once described it as the “gold standard.” He did say that his spats with former 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia were an aberration, that his relationships with McNabb and coach Andy Reid would be just fine, and that the Eagles would benefit greatly from that.

There is a seven-year deal in place, about $46 million on the table, and an $8.5 million signing bonus that Owens already pocketed. But when that was noted, the first words out of Owens’ mouth were, “Tell me I didn’t earn it.”

That’s when it’s time to shut up.

He signed a 7 year deal LAST YEAR. Last year. Nuts. If it was a low ball figure, that is your fault. Let’s not forget, “his situation” in Baltimore was created by him. The reason he is in Philadelphia is because he wanted to go there. Maybe Baltimore would have given him more money? I don’t know. At any rate, it is by his doing. Honor the contract.

“I said what I said because, obviously, somebody in the organization is leaking stuff to make me look bad, to turn the city against me. Now, why do that now? Think about that. Think about where it’s coming from.”


Yankees Fans: Give Womack a Chance

Yankees fans… now, I know some of you don’t like Womack. For whatever reason this may be – as I posted at Bronx Banter – it’s time to give him a legit shot.

So far, I like him. Soriano he’s not. But, Cairo he can be. He is the weakest bat in our lineup like Cairo was the weakest bat in our lineup. Just because we have a 20 HR guy at 8 positions instead of 9 doesn’t mean we should act spoiled. (HRs isn’t the greatest example because I’d rather have a guy who can hit for average and play smart, like Jeter, but it’s the one stat that came to mind).

Give him a shot.

Backup Hard Drive

I’m looking to get a seperate hard drive (and an external enclosure) to use as a backup system for my files. Want to hook it to my PC and periodically back up all of my stuff. Nice and easy. Drag and drop. :)

I am looking at getting a Maxtor 250 GB SATA hard drive and a PPA-USA 3.5″ USB 2.0 + Serial ATA (SATA) Combo Aluminum Drive Enclosure.

See anything wrong with either of these items or the combo? Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!

Vote Rick James

Click the picture for the story.

Via Lone Star Times.

Lanka Business Online Buys MuggleNet.com April Fools Joke

Too funny. Lanka Business Online bought MuggleNet.com’s April Fools joke.

From the sidebar:

MuggleNet.com, a Harry Potter website, was ordered to shut down by the Manhattan Federal Court for facilitating illegal distribution of copyrighted materials owned by Warner Brothers Entertainment, Inc. and J.K. Rowling.

Via MuggleNet.com.

Dolphins Draw Toughest Schedule

So, the 31st best team gets the hardest schedule. Score! :)

Not that it matters. This years 10-6 is next years 6-10.

4/12/05: House

Well… how’s that for a twist? House maintains his self respect in the speech and then, Cameron leaves.

The previews for the next episode who Voegler and House having a confrontation in the halls and Voegler says that he’ll expect him in his office with his resignation or he’ll “ruin him”…


Worst User Assistance Ever

Lee LeFever posted up a “help” dialog box that he got when filling out a form.


Tiger Rockin’

Good to see Tiger back in the winners circle at a major. That chip in he made was one of the most amazing golf shots you will see. I was feeling this could be a good year… looks like it might be. I watched the last 5 holes or so. Exciting, good stuff. Felt for DiMarco.