April 2005 Posts

WebDevBooks.com Launches

On this day (4/23/05), WebDevBooks.com has launched. It is the bookstore for web developers. I really like how it turned out.

Also, if you’re a web developer or webmaster reading this post, give DeveloperCube a look – we need you. :)


NFL Draft Tomorrow

Well, the NFL Draft is tomorrow. According to FinHeaven & Co, this will be the highest (2) that the Dolphins have ever picked. The previous high was 3 in 1970 where tight end Jim Mandich was selected. The highest pick they’ve had in my lifetime was 7 in 1992 where Troy Vincent was picked. To be honest, I was 7 and not paying a heck of a lot of attention…

Losing isn’t good, but it’s neat/exciting when your team has such a high pick. We’ll have anyone to choose from with the exception of one player. What will we do? Not sure. There are a a few trade partners out there. If we can trade down (keep a pick in the top 8), get another first rounder and more, I’m leaning toward doing that. There are really three things (with one of them possibly being gone after the 1 pick) you can take at that 2 pick. QB, RB or WR. WR (Braylon Edwards) is the least vital to us as we have Chris Chambers and Marty Booker. QB (Alex Smith) is next in line. We have A.J. Feeley, but he had his moments last year on a poor offense – I think that with a team around him, he has great potential based on the arm strength and spots of accuracy he showed last year. So, that leaves the biggest need, which is running back. Ronnie Brown is the consensus pick. However, at 2, that seems like it may be a stretch.

So, I’d like to see us trade down not any lower than 7 or 8 and then grab one of the three running backs and work on other spots. But, either way, it’ll be exciting and we should end up with one of the best players on the board.

4/19/05: House

Big episode. The board holds a meeting where Voegler puts the motion forward to dismiss House. Everyone votes yes, except for Wilson (go Wilson). After this, Voegler asks Wilson to leave the room because he will now put the motion forth to dismiss Wilson. This motion passes 10-0.

The next day, the board holds another meeting and Voegler puts forth the motion to dismiss House once again (24 hours had to go by before the same motion can be retried) and everyone votes yes, except for Cuddy, who finally comes around and stands up to Voegler. She says that the board has a choice to make. If they vote yes because they feel Wilson, House and her deserve to go, fine. But, if they vote yes to keep Voegler’s money, then he is right (she mentioned that he thinks he owns them a moment earlier) – he does own them. Then it cuts away.

The next scene is Drs. House, Wilson, Foreman and Chase celebrating in House’s office and Cuddy comes in and House calls her the man of the hour. It is revealed that the board voted Voegler out, but Cuddy is disappointed in losing the 100 million as they could have done a lot with it.

But, anyway… for now, House stays. Good stuff.

A rerun will be shown next week. :(

Good Piece from Bill Simmons Regarding Sheff Incident


Thanks to Stephan for bringing it up.

Comment Troubles

Actually, I’m still having trouble with comments.

Read here.

Random things…


– I picked up the Street Dreams album from Fabolous through a record club recently for the Diddy song and I was hoping that there would be some good songs on it… I was very, very pleasantly surprised. Good album… I may have to pick up some more of his work.

– I want to get the Kanye West album. Jesus Walks is a great track. I heard it for the first time like last month. Yeah, I know it’s been out for awhile.

– Bryan (moderator at PhotoshopForums.com) is one talented dude.

– I got a $30 Amazon.com gift certificate when I bought my MP3 player and I am about to spend it to help fill out my Bad Boy CD collection (“It Was All a Dream” by Dream and “Bad Boys II: The Soundtrack” by Various Artists) and pick up the Mase book, “Revelations: There’s a Light After the Lime”. That puts me like ten bucks over, but I’ll cover that…

– I just ordered “Living Legends” by 8Ball & MJG (Bad Boy release) at the Bad Boy i-Squad. The i-Squad takes some time, but I have gotten some great stuff from it!

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

Your Linguistic Profile:

65% General American English
25% Yankee
10% Dixie
0% Midwestern
0% Upper Midwestern

This question made no sense to me:

10. What do you call an easy class?

A crip course
A gut
A blow off

Never heard of any of those terms.

Via Jeremy via Heather Leigh.

The Dream Became Reality

And then… I woke up… and the dream (nightmare) was reality.

Breaking News: Patrick and Stephan Play AA Together!

Yeah, can you believe it? I’ve actually managed to hook up with Stephan a couple times on AA. Had some fun. Hopefully we can do it more.

Problem With Comments

I see that we are having a problem with comments (can’t be posted). Not sure what caused that as I haven’t changed anything… at any rate, I’ll get over to the Nucleus CMS support site and see what they can make of it.

Thanks Michael for reporting it.

Edit: What the heck… I just tried to comment again and it’s working now. No idea. But, hopefully it’s good. Thanks.