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NBA Suspensions Justfied

November 23, 2004

NBA Commissioner David Stern’s suspensions in response to recent activities were justfied. Good call by the commissioner.

Mark Cuban says it well:


Thats all that can be said about the way Commissioner Stern handled the situation in Detroit. He punished those who crossed the line. More importantly, he sent the message to every player, that if you go into the stands and fight a fan, you will be punished beyond anything that could be expected. For those that think there is a trend in the NBA, or professional sports in general towards fan-player violence, as one idiot in the media suggested to me. You are wrong. You are safer going to a Mavs game than you are shopping in your local grocery store or gas station. There are about 2500 NBA games per year. Over the past 25k or so games, this has happened once. That is not a trend. It wont happen again. Lets get on with the season and put this behind us.

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