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Keep Posada

November 2, 2004

From The Star Ledger:

Yanks may deal Posada for Johnson
Varitek could be the catcher

… the team has considered offering catcher Jorge Posada in a possible deal for Arizona Diamondbacks left-hander Randy Johnson or Oakland right-hander Tim Hudson.

To replace Posada, one of four Yankees who have been with the team continuously since Joe Torre took over as manager in 1996, the official said the team would look into acquiring Pittsburgh catcher Jason Kendall or — in a move that would give team owner George Steinbrenner a way of sticking it to the World Series champion Red Sox — try to sign Bsoton free-agent catcher Jason Varitek.

Ok, so we hypothetically could go from a team with mostly good guys to a team with two jerks like Pedro and Varitek? I never want to see The Masked Man in pinstripes. Never.

I like Posada, as well. Keep Posada. Forget Varitek. Forget Pedro. Please, Mr. Steinbrenner.

One Response to “Keep Posada”

  1. Triumvirate says:

    Hopefully Torre will be able to talk him out of thinking about it, as you said "Keep Posada. Forget Varitek."

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